Science meets practice – curious, committed, competent.

Die Arbeitsgruppe Pferd ≈ Task Force Horse
  1. The sport horse is our major interest!
  2. We strive to make a contribution to it being taken care of as best as possible, to master the sportive challenges healthy and motivated. Horses of all kind benefit from this work!
  3. We enjoy sober, open to all results and respectful work with practitioners as well as scientists of all disciplines.
  4. We seek the collaboration with experts and interested institutions. That is why we attend and augment continuously our international network.
  5. Our clients are very committed, knowledgeable and curious! We see them as our partners in all activities. We like to provide them with a platform where they can address questions of practical relevance and discuss in depth with their peers and experts.
  6. The warranty for a high level and thorough interaction with others is our continuous striving for new information and knowledge in at least one area of expertise: the performance diagnosis and training guidance! To realize this we continuously pursue our own research regarding these fields and offer the services of performance diagnosis and training guidance as well as contract research.