The Arbeitsgruppe Pferd

The members of AGPferd vary according to the experts involved in the different activities and projects. Constant, anchorman and conductor is Arno Lindner, who created the AGPferd in 1993. Since the beginning own training projects and research are run by the group, but in the more recent years the organisation and realization of international events as well as practical courses and conferences has become a major activity. The content of the lectures and sometimes even the discussions during these events are regularly published in books and videos.

The experience and expertise built by Arno Lindner over the years allows to offer the following professional services:

1. Scientific consultancy, organization and realization of research projects for pharmaceutical, feeding and instrumentation enterprises in the area of

a) performance diagnosis

b) feeding horses

2. Consultancy and surveillance of the training of horses to trainers, breeders, riders and owners

a) based on exact performance diagnosis

b) aided by guided (individual) exercise regimens