Advanced Equine Arthroscopy Days

Großhartpenning, Germany, March 2-4, 2018


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Working stations are gently provided by Storz!

Residents and Diplomates of the Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons – or equivalent qualifications will have the opportunity of improving their skills in advanced arthroscopical procedures under the guidance of surgeons that routinely perform them. Sixteen persons only can participate to ensure quality time for each one. All procedures will be demonstrated on cadaver legs first by the instructors and then the participants will perform them guided by the instructors. Specialized equipment will be necessary to exercise several of the procedures. For those participants that will not be able to bring this equipment we will buy it in advance and bill it separately (better price if many participants buy the tools. Obviously the participants will own the instruments and take them home.


Friday, March 2, lectures in Hotel-Gasthof Neuwirt with Andy Bathe, Dwayne Rodgerson and Hans Wilderjans

  • 10:00 - Welcome
  • 10:05 - Endoscopy of the digital tendon sheath and release of the annular ligament.
  • 11:25 - Coffee break
  • 11:50 - Tenoscopic removal of manica flexoria and experiences with longitudinal DDFT tears
  • 12:50 - Lunch
  • 13:15 - Bursoscopy of the navicular bursa.
  • 14:25 - Challenges in Thoroughbred and Warmblood OC fragment removal.
  • 15:40 - Coffee break
  • 16:10 - Diagnostic stifle arthroscopy.
  • 17:20 - Complications after above listed arthroscopic procedures.
  • 18:30 - End

(CPD accreditation by Akademie für tierärztliche Fortbildung is being seeked)

Saturday, March 3, hands-on in Equine clinic am Kirchberg with Andy Bathe, Hans Wilderjans and Dwayne Rodgerson

  • 9:00
    - Stifle arthroscopy
    - Participants choices on lower limb arthroscopies, but for those that will be done on Sunday!
    - Challenging arthroscopic cases (videos and images: difficult fetlock arthroscopies, fragments on unusual locations in the fetlock, removal of large free floating fragments from the stifle, FP joint, etc).
    - Challenging cases of the participants
  • 18:00 - End

(CPD accreditation by Akademie für tierärztliche Fortbildung is being seeked)

Sunday, March 4, hands-on in Equine clinic am Kirchberg with Andy Bathe, Hans Wilderjans and Dwayne Rodgerson

  • 8:30 - Bursoscopy of the navicular bursa, endoscopy of the digital tendon sheath, release of the annular ligament, manica flexoria removal.
  • 16:00 - End

(CPD accreditation by Akademie für tierärztliche Fortbildung is being seeked)

Your instructors

Andy Bathe
graduated from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1989. He trained in surgery at the University of Bristol and then at Rossdales and Partners in Newmarket. After working as University Equine Surgeon at the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, University of Cambridge he returned to Rossdales to head the Equine Sports Injuries Clinic, where he is now a partner. He is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons and holds the RCVS Diploma in Equine Orthopaedics. He has been an eventing and showjumping team vet, and was a veterinary clinical expert for the 2012 Olympics in London. His main areas of expertise lie in orthopaedic surgery and lameness, especially in the competition horse.

Dwayne Rodgerson
earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Atlantic Veterinary College. He completed a surgical internship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute prior to his residency and Master’s program at Auburn University. After his residency, he joined the University of Missouri as a Clinical Instructor in Equine Surgery for one year before joining the University of Florida’s Large Animal Hospital as a Clinical Lecturer for one year and as an Assistant Professor for two years. Dwayne returned to Hagyard as an Equine Surgeon in 2002 and is a Partner of the Practice.

Hans Wilderjans
worked after graduation for several years in an Equine Practice in the UK. In 1992 he returned to Belgium to co-found the hospital de Bosdreef. Shorlty after Hans became one of the first Belgian Diplomates of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons. Besides his full time hospital job, Hans is frequently invited as a speaker on international congresses as well as a surgeon in other hospitals to perform specific surgeries. He is partner in the clinic for animals De Bosdreef, Belgium. His specialities are equine orthopaedic surgery and laparoscopy.


What you need to know...


  • Hotel-Gasthof Neuwirt (some rooms are reserved for you too saying/writing “Pferdekurs” until January 30):
    Tölzer Str. 112,
    83607 Großhartpenning;
    Fon +49 (0) 8024 7654;;
  • Hotel Altwirt:
    Tölzer Straße 135,
    D-83607 Großhartpenning bei Holzkirchen;
    Fon +49 (0) 8024 303220;;
  • Hotel Alte Post:
    Marktplatz 10a,
    D-83607 Holzkirchen;
    Fon +49 (0) 8024 30050;;
  • Gasthof Oberbräu:
    Marktplatz 18,
    D-83607 Holzkirchen;
    +49 (0) 8024 4734233;;

Location and dates

March 2:
Hotel-Gasthof Neuwirt
Address see below

March 3-4:
Pferdeklinik am Kirchberg,
Piesenkamer Str. 18,
D-83607 Großhartpenning,
Fon: +49-8024-477140;

Further information

Arbeitsgruppe Pferd – Task Force Horse
Arno Lindner
Heinrich-Röttgen-Str. 20, 52428 Jülich, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 2461 340-430; Fax: -484;;


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