Top events on horse subjects

The concept for the organisation and realisation of the events is unique because they have been continuously developed according to the needs of the participants:

  1. The topics are of high practical relevance, raise controversy and new practical experiences and / or scientific perspectives are available.
  2. The instructors / speakers work in practice and academia and possess vast knowledge and experience on the respective topic and complement each other.
  3. The program has theoretical (lectures, case discussions) and practical elements (hands on and demonstrations).
  4. For discussion much time is always given because of its inherent importance for experienced participants.
  5. The instructors remain available during the whole event for discussions and networking.
  6. Limited number of participants.
  7. Arno Lindner knows and enjoys the specifics of running and moderating events with knowledgeable participants in small groups. For this, in cooperation with his network members, he
    1. identifies the “right” topics,
    2. invites high profile speakers and equine clinics for venues,
    3. triggers motivated and lively discussions,
    4. warrants strict time management,
    5. provides for an inspiring well being ambient.

From the lectures of some of the events, sometimes including the discussions, books or videos are published.